How Internet Marketing has Improved with PR Practices

How Internet Marketing has Improved with PR Practices

The Internet is an interesting place. It has improved a lot and it is certainly not what it used to be. In the very beginning, they weren’t aware of the Internet’s true potential.

When you are talking public relations, realize that there are different names for it. There is customer service, customer relations, and of course, public relations. There isn’t one phrase that is consistent even in the industry. So when I say public relations, I keep in mind the other terms too. You should keep this in mind too.
So internet marketing has grown and changed many times over the course of time. Internet marketing has improved with public relations practices. How, you ask? Well I will tell you.

Internet marketing has changed from being simply a message to the masses, to being a really personalized experience. People want feedback and a great way to do that is to go straight to the customer! The customer will tell you why they chose your store, why they bought something, why they chose your store over other stores, and other things. All you have to do is ask.

Since the invention of the internet and social media, people have been able to ‘connect’ to the brands and the people that represent those brands together. No more do you really have to write a formal letter to a corporation thanking them for the things they do or to tell the company about the products they love. You can simply post it ontheir Facebook Page or their Twitter page, and if they can, they will reply right back. This is such a good way to get customers, especially repeat customers. When a customer is happy, most of the time you have a customer for life.

Another way it has changed is that it’s easier than ever to gather information in one place! Some companies will have little surveys you take to get to know the person and how much they would recommend the individual store or an individual brand name like Walmart or Subway stores. There is information to be gathered about how long people stay on a particular website or page. Some websites I have been on will have a live person trying to chat and seeing what you’re looking for. This way a company makes contact with a potential customer and the customer is thought of as valuable and listened to. It really makes the customer feel like the person (or company) cares about their problem and wants to help solve them.

These are just a couple out of some of the ways marketing has changed. There are more, but these things have really had an impact.