What is SEO?

What is SEO?

SEO is an internet acronym that stands for Search Engine Optimization. Search engine Optimization is helping your website to be found online (From here on out I’ll strictly refer to this as SEO, just to make it easier.) SEO means having the right key words in a website so that when someone types in baby items or some term like that, your baby website pops up and you can make a sale. There are many ways, some traditional, some not traditional ways to make sure your website is found by some of the most popular search engines like Google, Bing or Yahoo. There are other search engines out there, but those are the most popular.


SEO first started about the 1990s when someone named Archie decided to find out how to get to the top of the list. Now back then, some search engines, you actually had to pay someone to be put on that list. So as internet searches grew, Mary saw what Archie was doing and wanted the same thing for herself. This gave them competition and then other search engines got in on it.

Well, eventually Google created algorithms and other things to help them determine how those search results are ranked and since then, it’s been competitive. Now I don’t think you necessarily have to pay to get on the lists anymore, but you probably would have to pay someone to do the SEO stuff, if you don’t know how to already. Or it could be that you don’t have time to learn, or don’t want to.
Now there are people that do want to learn SEO and figure out what all is going on. That is totally up to you. There are some that may not have time or have other work to do. There are people that hire out help all the time, and they pay for it too.

SEO, like I’ve said, is not that old, however you may find it necessary or even helpful to check into it and see if it’s right for your website. Especially if it is a business website and it helps you get discovered more through search engines. You will know what is right and important for your business.