What SEO Tools people use for measuring Site Metrics?

What SEO Tools people use for measuring Site Metrics?

Most tools are found on the site’s main page, usually the settings page. This is very customized depending on what sites people track and what they are used for. The tools people use vary, but there are some important things people track on their website or any website, whether for business or personal use.

For example, if you have a bakery website. You will want to track a few things to see how successful your website is and what you want to improve. You want for your website to work well, especially if you have a retail website.

The first thing you want to track is how well you are using keywords and other things like that for people to find your websites. Some good keywords would be things that aren’t too common or too unique. Chances are, you’ve done that already, but you can always change keywords if you need to.

The second thing you want to track is visitors to your website. I’m not talking about regular visitors, I’m meaning unique visitors. It’s also helpful to see how many visitors you get in a given amount of time. You can track how many visitors went to your website yesterday and today. There is some good information here. Unique visitors track the number of people who visited your site, no matter how many times they actually visited. So if person A and B visited your site, respectively, 2 and 6 times, you would have 8 visits and two unique visitors.

Once you get the hang of that, you can track repeat visitors. If the unique visitors are staying the same, but repeat visitors are growing, that is something really good.

The third thing you want to track is referrals. Businesses do it all the time; they ask in a survey or in the store, “How did you hear about us?” or ‘What made you pick us?’. That’s what they are trying to do; figure out where these people are coming from for your business. With a business website it’s the same thing; they want to know what advertising works and what doesn’t. They also want to know how other people are more likely to hear about them; whether it’s through text, word of mouth, or internet ads. There are a few other means of advertising, but those are the main ones.

The fourth thing you want to track is how many ‘bounce’ rates you get on your site. The ‘bounce rate’ is the rate where someone goes to your website, but immediately hits the back button to keep your website from loading. This is the equivalent of walking in your store, looking around and going right back out. This isn’t good for business obviously.

So those are just some things that would be a good idea to look at and track. They may not necessarily help with SEO (except for the keywords), but it will help your business pages and what you think your customers will want.